She will be your guide towards the life you always wanted.

Sylvia was born and grew up in the Caribbean. As a teen, she along with her family moved to Canada. Through sheer hard work and a strong sense of purpose, Sylvia has earned three university degrees: one each from Metropolitan Toronto University (Ryerson), York, and Wilfrid Laurier University. Without a doubt, Sylvia has faced some of life’s inevitable challenges. Yet on balance, she has been able to rise above them, recognize and appreciate her achievements based on hard work and her fair share of good fortunes. The latter include chance encounters with inspirational mentors along the way.

Over the years, her varied health care experiences in the public sector have included working in a general psychiatric department, working with pediatric teams of professionals, as well as in Diabetes Management and hospital-based Eating Disorders treatment programs.

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For more than 20 years, Sylvia has owned and operated her private practice, Eating Dynamiks & Therapy. As she did in the public health care sector, she continues to passionately focus on helping individuals to successfully manage various mental health and / or food-related challenges that are negatively impacting their life’s journey.

The knowledge, skills, and life experiences Sylvia has gained along the way have equipped her for the privilege of standing by your side, skillfully supporting you as you become more focused, build strength, define your sense of purpose, and navigate your journey, all the while creating a life you believe is worth living

(RD) Registered Dietitian

Sylvia has been a Registered Dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario since 1998. Over the years her varied dietetic experience has included working in hospitals with a psychiatric and a paediatric team as well as within Diabetes Management and Eating Disorders treatment programs.

(BSW) Bachelor of Social Work

Her privileged role working in various hospitals across the GTA as a Registered Dietitian, allowed Sylvia to come to recognize that we eat (or don’t eat) for reasons other than to address our physiological need for nutrition. With mounting curiosity, Sylvia enrolled in the York University Bachelors of Social Work program and formally began her journey of gaining insight in the other dynamics that drive human hunger. She graduated from York University in 2005.

(MSW, RSW) Psychotherapy

In 2006 Sylvia earned a Masters Degree from the prestigious Wilfrid Laurier University, Masters of Social Work (MSW) Advanced Standings program. Her eight months of practical psychotherapy training was completed at the Hospital for Sick Children. This theoretical and practical training prepared her well for her current role assisting children, adolescents and adults with the management of all forms of eating disorders, sadness, depression, anxiety, fears, feelings of being stuck, grief & loss as well as other transition stages in life.

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Mind and Body Integration

Multi-talented and currently full-time in her private practice, Sylvia continues to assist clients like you in resolving mental health, eating and nutrition challenges using an individualized integrated skill-set approach or an individualized single-focused treatment plan. She has offered these treatment options for over a decade while working in her private practice in midtown Toronto as well as in various teaching hospitals in the downtown and Greater Toronto Areas.

Professional Memberships

College of Dietitians of Ontario
College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
Dietitians of Canada
Ontario Association of Social Workers