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Therapy sessions are offered for the following areas of concern

• Abuses
• Anorexia Nervosa
• Anxieties
• Binge Eating
• Bulimia
• Childhood Emotional Support

• Depression
• Eating Disorder
• Emotional Eating
• Fears
• Feeling Stuck
• Restrained Eating

• Self Harming Behaviours
• Self-esteem Issues
• Transitional Life Stages
• Traumas, etc


I mainly use a Narrative Therapy approach in my psychotherapy work with clients. Narrative Therapists seeks to create and maintain a respectful, non-blaming,non-labeling approach to working therapeutically with people.

One of the many principles unique to Narrative Therapy is its insistence on viewing people as people. That is, seeing the essence of the person as positive and separate from the problematic assumptions, beliefs, behaviours and labels that have come to narrowly define the person.

A narrative journey through each uniquely storied life involves the therapist and the individual(s) working together, “becoming curious” and “asking questions in an effort to discover personal meanings that exist and avoiding “taken for granted assumptions” about the person, the identified problem, its effects on their lives or possible solutions.

The result of this type of journey is a usually a new narrative of strength, courage, determination, choices and a real sense that possibilities exists for their preferred future.

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